Thomson, Singapore Partner To Establish Digital Cinema Hub And NOC

December 5, 2007
Thomson, through its Technicolor Digital Cinema business, and the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore have announced a partnership to establish a digital cinema hub and network operations centre (NOC) in Singapore.

"Thomson recognises Singapore's commitment to the digital media and entertainment industry and believes there will be tremendous value in utilising their robust infrastructure to expand our digital cinema service offerings into the Asia-Pacific region", said Curt Behlmer, vice president and COO of Technicolor Digital Cinema. "Digital cinema is growing at a very rapid pace, and we look forward to supporting studio and exhibitor customers as they begin to roll out digital cinema in Singapore and Asia-Pacific".

Thomson, with the support of the IDA, plans to construct an efficient, secure digital cinema hub and NOC in Singapore to offer digital cinema service and related management capabilities to the motion picture industry for Singapore and other Asia-Pacific nations.

"IDA is delighted to support Thomson–Technicolor's first digital cinema hub in Asia to cater to the digital media and entertainment industry. This strategic partnership furthers Singapore's efforts to be the leading trusted digital cinema hub outside North America and Europe for the processing, management and distribution of digital cinematic content", said Tham Ai Chyn, assistant chief executive for industry and cluster development at IDA.

Thomson's Singapore facility is expected to have the capability to support the following digital cinema services: physical and electronic forms of content delivery; Thomson's key distribution and management systems; equipment monitoring; and 24/7/365 multilingual call-centre support, fully integrated with its operations in the United States.

The build-out of the new digital cinema hub and NOC in Singapore is slated to begin in mid-2008.

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