TCI Acquires Exclusive Rights to Kline Towers Drawing Portfolio

April 17, 2009
Tower Consultants Inc. (TCI) announced this week that they have acquired the exclusive rights to the Kline Towers drawing portfolio. TCI was started in 2005 by Jean-Alain Lecordier, the former vice president of engineering at Kline Towers. TCI engineers have firsthand knowledge of Kline Towers, having been former employees of Kline Towers.

TCI provides tower structural engineering and turnkey tower project management. Jean-Alain Lecordier commented, "We are very proud to have the exclusive rights to the Kline Tower portfolio. This gives us an opportunity to provide current Kline Tower owners with an extensive range of services from structural analysis and tower modifications, to any maintenance issue a tower owner may face."

Kline Towers have a reputation for solid engineering and conservative design. Kline Towers was started in 1953 by Kline Iron and Steel of Columbia, S.C.

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