'Tallest TV Tower' Planned for Guangzhou, China

November 16, 2004
An article in People's Daily Online said China Radio International reported Guangzhou, a city in Southern China, plans to build "the world's tallest TV tower" by 2007. The tower would be between 580 and 600 meters (1,903 to 1,969 feet) high. The article, Guaugzhou to build world's tallest TV tower didn't define "TV tower," which could make a difference as guyed towers in this height range currently exist in the U.S. Given the multi-year construction time-table--work is to start in December--the claim might be for the tallest self supporting tower.

The article said the new tower would occupy a space of 15,400 square meters and that many houses in the residential area in which it will be located "have been destroyed to facilitate the construction," but noted that the City Construction Office had reached a compensation agreement with the area's population.

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