Study Shows Low Interest in TV-Enabled Cell Phones

October 8, 2004
Although the technology for TV-enabled cell phones is currently being developed, consumers are not ready to trade in their phones to get this service, according to a new survey.

Lyra Research released its survey, Conflicting Signals: A Cell Phone Television Interest Survey that polled more 1,300 people in July and August of this year.

More than a quarter respondents fell in the "somewhat interested" and "not very interested" category. Five percent of the respondents said that they were "extremely interested" in watching TV or video on a cell phone.

"Concerns ranged from increasingly inconsiderate cell phone behavior to questions about the merit of cell phone-delivered television programming--daunting hurdles for cell phone TV marketers," said Steve Hoffenberg, principal analyst for the DTV View report series and the director of electronic media research for Lyra Research.

Hoffenberg said that young adults would be the most likely audience for this service.

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