Sony to Debut Blu-ray Player with Netflix Access

September 16, 2009
Netflix seems to be getting under everybody’s skin these days, and for the disc rental/online streaming firm, that would be a good thing--especially when the “skin” they’re getting under is the plastic or metallic kind from a growing array of hardware products such set-top boxes and Blu-ray players.

The latest entry in the Blu-ray category comes from Sony, which said this week it plans to offer a Blu-ray player in a few weeks that will include a feature enabling users to watch Netflix movies via an Internet connection. (YouTube content also will be available with the same player.)

The player (model BDP-N460) will be Sony’s first Blu-ray product to offer any type of streaming option, but it’s not Sony’s first foray into streaming per se--a few months ago it announced plans to include Internet streaming in some of its Bravia-brand HD LCD TV models.

Sony’s unit is also not the first Blu-ray player to offer Netflix capabilities, as both Samsung and LG already offer Netflix/YouTube venues on some of their players.

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