Sony 4K Projectors are Newest Navy Recruits

December 3, 2008
There may still not be a military draft these days in America, but Sony has decided to join the Navy voluntarily in order to provide its SXRD 4K digital projectors for training purposes. The equipment will be geared to the Navy’s Multipurpose Supporting Arms Trainer program at the Naval Air Strike and Air Warfare Center in Fallon, Nev.

The Navy plans to use the ultra-HD projectors for an immersive simulation training facility. (Sony had already gotten its feet wet by installing several similar 4K projectors at the Navy’s amphibious base on Coronado in San Diego, Calif.)

Sony’s display system will include three 4K projectors (model SRX-S105) capable of rendering real-time images that are four times the resolution (4096x2160) of much of today’s consumer-targeted HD. The projectors will be used in a training model developed by Video Display Corporation, a simulation firm.

Sony said its SXRD 4K projectors are capable of producing 8.8 million pixels of resolution, and the high-pixel density makes it suitable for applications requiring content-heavy simulation displays.

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