Samsung TV Introduces New Multistandard Decoder Chipset for Mobile TV

July 5, 2007
Samsung announced last week what it claims is the industry’s first 65 nm multistandard channel decoder and multiband RF tuner chipset for multiple mobile DTV standards. Standards supported include DVB-H/T, DAB-IP, ISDB-T and terrestrial DMB.

The S5M8602 multiband RF tuner does not require an external low-noise amplifier and supports UHF, VHF and L-band frequencies. The S3C4F31 multistandard channel decoder supports Link Layer processing and is able to output fully error-corrected IP datagrams or MPEG-2 transport streams without the need for additional memory ICs.

The RF tuner and channel decoder will be available as two standalone ICs, or as a combined system-in-chip package. Samples are available now and mass production is scheduled for Q4 2007. Samsung said the chipset would be released in Europe and Asia first and did not mention the proposed A-VSB standard for U.S. DTV broadcasting, of which it is developing in partnership with Rohde & Schwarz.

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