Prolink Offers First USB Stick Tuner for Brazilian DTV

February 1, 2008
Prolink Microsystems Corp. announced its support of Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão Digital (SBTVD) with the release of company’s PixelView PlayTV USB SBTVD stick.

This is the first USB stick I’ve seen for the Brazilian DTV standard, which is a modified version of Japan’s ISDB-T standard. Prolink said it is the “world’s first Brazilian ISDB-TB capable USB stick” for desktop and laptop computers. The USB stick includes a remote control and is the size of a USB flash drive.

Available specifications are limited, but indicate the device is for UHF only. It isn’t clear if the device is one-segment only (the portion of the ISDB-T reserved for portable devices) or, as seems likely, includes one-seg in addition to other DTV services. The supplied software supports electronic program guide and scheduled recording functions.

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