Pinnacle TV Unveils Mac HD Mini Stick

September 17, 2008
The new Pinnacle TV for Mac HD mini Stick, a USB-based TV tuner that can receive HD programming for Mac computers, is expected to ship to retailers this week and debut by this Sunday, Sept. 21.

The USB stick from Avid Technology subsidiary Pinnacle Systems, is designed to pull in digital HD/SD content terrestrially (or via unencrypted cable).

In what may be the longest name for a product in recent memory, the "Pinnacle TV for Mac HD mini Stick" uses a typical telescopic antenna and includes DVR software (for recording to the Mac hard drive), a mini-remote, and a travel bag. (Pinnacle claims the device can pull in weak DTV signals because of what it calls "integrated signal booster technology.")

The device is designed to receive ATSC signals with resolution up to 1080i, the firm said. The recording software (dubbed "ElGato's EyeTV Lite") can record, pause or rewind live TV, and content-capture will be made possible using the free EPG service of HD/SD content can be viewed is scalable fashion—from mini-window to full-screen.

The HD mini-stick will require Mac OS X 10.4 (or newer) operating system. The stick is expected to sell for about $130.

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