Peru Launches DTV Field Trials

December 7, 2007
This week, Peru’s Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MTC) announced it was starting field tests of the ATSC, ISDB-T and DVB-T terrestrial digital television standards. The MTC said proponents of the standards were readying transmission equipment for the analysis.

Peru’s Multisectorial Commission, established in February 2007 to help decide on a Peruvian DTV standard, created the protocol for the field tests. An article in Living In Peru said the field tests will evaluate “reception while in movement” and “reception inside of residences” within range of the transmitters.

If “reception while in movement” refers to reception in automobiles at highway speeds, it appears ATSC will have a difficult time passing the field tests without the use of one of the proposed mobile/handheld standards for that standard.

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