NTIA Certifies 100 Retailers for Converter Coupon Program

December 14, 2007
The National Telecommunications and Information Administration said it has certified more than 100 different retailers—big and small, with some 15,000 or so outlets altogether—as eligible to accept $40 government coupons for digital-to-analog converter boxes.

Meredith Baker, acting NTIA administrator, made the announcement Tuesday in a conference call with reporters.

K-Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City, RadioShack, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, Target and Sears Roebuck are all certified for the coupon program.

The NTIA also scheduled a meeting with various government partners—14 agencies in all are involved—for Jan. 24 in Washington. NTIA will provide the agencies with a preview of its new timeline, activities, Web site and DTV campaign materials. The agencies will also discuss their outreach plans. The meeting will not be open to the public.

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