Nielsen To Use Optibase Cards to Track DTV

January 9, 2003
Nielsen Media Research will soon be using 3,000 Optibase Vbox Communications DTV receiver cards in its Media Monitoring System to keep tabs on DTV viewing. The MMS will monitor more than 1,500 TV and cable broadcasts-both analog and digital-in the U.S. and Canada.

Nielsen plans to incorporate the DTA-101 Vbox digital receiver cards into its media monitoring sites, which observe broadcast stations in Nielsen's 210 Designated Market Areas. It provides broadcasting data to support ratings products, program verification of local station broadcasts of national TV programs, commercial verification and verification of unscheduled broadcast content like public service announcements and infomercials.

The DTA-101 DTV receiver supports ATSC video and audio as well as ATVEF-compatible data reception. It uses software-based HD MPEG-2 video and Dolby Digital audio decoders with application software that integrates video, audio, data and interactive data broadcast.

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