NEP Covers Winter Games With Vinten

February 12, 2010
NEP Sharpshooters, the Pittsburgh-based mobile production company, will be using Vinten camera heads exclusively in its coverage of the Vancouver Winter Games, according to a recent announcement by Vinten, a Vitec brand.

“All outdoor Winter Games sites are pretty extreme, where we’re outside for days on end in freezing temperatures,” said George Hoover, chief technology officer for NEP Broadcasting. “We have Vinten heads out there for weeks on the side of mountains for the Alpine events, and in stadiums for Figure Skating and Speed Skating. They just work smoothly and reliably wherever we put them.”

NEP uses more than 400 Vinten pan and tilt heads in connection with the more than 60 mobile units the company owns. The company will be deploying eight mobile television production trailers for the Vancouver event.

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