NAB Show: Miranda Unveils 3D HD Multiviewer Display

April 22, 2009
No one has to try to convince Miranda Technologies that 3D may have a bright, multi-dimensional future. The company used NAB to roll out what it’s calling a multi-image display processing product (Kaleido-X16, dubbed a “multiviewer”) which displays 3D stereoscopic signals.

The Kaleido-X16 scheme can be deployed to monitor camera feeds (with the 3D monitors made by various makers) in 3D quality during live productions—such as sports events, concerts, and specials events such as presidential inaugurations.

Miranda, and what appears to be a growing list of proponents, believes that 3D HD is inevitable, and that multi-image monitors and other core equipment capable of 3D will be ubiquitous reasonably soon for CRs, remote units and other configurations.

Apart from 3D HD dedicated to television purposes, 3D is destined to be the “next big thing” on the cinema circuit, as several live-action and animated feature films will be released to theaters this year.

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