Mississippi Public Broadcaster Plans Wireless Test

January 23, 2003
Mississippi Educational Broadcasting (MEB) plans to test a new, proprietary technology from Sigfx that uses part of the network's television spectrum for wireless two-way communications.

Mississippi-based wireless technology provider Sigfx and MEB have agreed to test the technology, that once fully integrated, will allow two-way wireless voice and data services throughout the state via the unused part of MEB's network spectrum. Installation of equipment will begin shortly at the MEB transmission facility that serves the greater Jackson, Miss. metro area. Sigfx says the addition of such wireless services will not interfere with MEB's signal or degra-de video or audio quality.

"This pilot project will allow us to explore with private and public partners and state agencies new uses of MEB capabilities," said Marie Antoon, MEB executive director. "This is an opportunity to maximize existing resources and we believe our robust network infrastructure can help fill some unmet technology needs in the state."

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