Miniature Metamaterial Antennas Project Announced

March 11, 2010

Metamaterials are back in the news.

Professor Hossein Mosallaei, a professor at Northeastern University is working to make antennas smaller and more efficient. Mosallaei and his team were recently awarded a three-year, $490,000 grant from the Office of Naval Research in support of this project.

"Our goal is to develop a new antenna that allows for very quick data transmission over any distance, long or short, while keeping it as small as possible," Mosallaei said. "Whether they will help doctors diagnose patients earlier, or help to monitor the world around us more efficiently, the technological capabilities of these tiny antennas will bring about a new era in improved wireless communications."

I described metamaterials in my February article Metamaterials Boost Antenna Efficiency.

As I noted last month, this technology could produce miniature high-band VHF antennas that are as small or smaller than today's typical mobile UHF antenna design, and which would work as UHF antennas. It is encouraging to see more research on these antennas.

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