KCPQ Installs SSL Digital Console

December 1, 2006
As part of a facility upgrade, KCPQ, a Tribune-owned Fox affiliate in Seattle installed a Solid State Logic model C132 digital broadcast console. The console is being used more than five hours per day in connection with news programming.

"I'm a real believer in allowing the operators and maintenance staff to see this equipment first-hand before we make a major purchase," said Michael Goodman, director of engineering for Tribune Television Northwest. "I might buy it, but they're the ones who will use it and I really need to hear from them. Maintenance people, operators, everybody felt the C132 beat every other console hands down. It's a performer, a very, very solid machine."

Goodman said that he had considered a variety of consoles before choosing the SSL unit.

"For two years, we had manufacturers come to our facility with their consoles and support personnel," he said. "At an NAB convention, I told SSL I needed a console that can recover in less than 30 seconds, end of discussion."

The SSL C132 console was delivered to the station in the fall of 2005 and has performed flawlessly ever since, according to Goodman.

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