In-Stat/MDR Study Says Analog TV Not Going Away 'Anytime Soon'

November 17, 2003
Sales of analog PCTV tuner products will continue to grow and even outpace many of the "digital-only" products since most countries will not be able to shut down their analog TV infrastructure until at least 2010, according to a new study by by In-Stat/MDR. Gerry Kaufhold, a principal analyst at InStat/MDR said, "While much has been made of the rise of digital television technologies, from digital satellite services, to digital cable TV systems, to digital video from local telephone companies, to the continuing emergence of Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) services, analog television service and the market for analog PCTV tuner products is not going to go away anytime soon. In fact, the United States, Taiwan and Italy may need to re-think their early plans for Analog Cut Off (ACO)."

InStat/MDR also found that many companies will find new opportunities, as well as new competition, from the emerging digital PC-TV tuners product segments that are beginning to appear. While PCI bus add-in cards will be dominant through 2006, during 2006 they will be surpassed in shipments by a combination of USB external products and graphics cards with built-in tuners.

These findings are from the InStat/MDR report "PC-Tuners and Digital Terrestrial Set Top Boxes -- A Bright Future Emerges." For more of the report's findings and information on ordering the report, see the InStat/MDR press release PC-TV Tuner Market to Thrive as Analog Cut-Off Moves Out, Reports In-Stat/MDR.

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