Gefen Adapter Opens HD Access to Computers via USB

March 26, 2008
A new USB-to-DVI graphics adapter from Gefen allows connection of additional displays to all Windows XP and Vista operating systems currently on the market, and to Mac OS X now, as well.

Gefen, based in Chatsworth, Calif., said its tiny adapter allows a plug-and-play connection of a DVI or VGA display to any USB 2.0 port—permitting the addition of digital video displays and/or projectors to a laptop or desktop computer for simultaneous video delivery without the need of a DVI port. (Output video is delivered in the DVI-I format, allowing for either VGA or DVI display compatibility).

Depending on the monitor, Gefen said its adapter can handle screen resolutions up to 1600x1200. Users have the option of having the USB-connected display either mirror the main display, or extend the desktop to provide increased visibility—along with the ability to view several applications simultaneously (up to six with no noticeable video degradation, Gefen said) in a multiple-display scenario.

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