Fujinon to Upgrade its HD 'Precision Focus Assist' System

March 2, 2005
Speaking of NAB2005, Fujinon plans to introduce an expanded lineup of its focus system, designed to improve the quality of HD image capture in both field and studio applications. Fujinon said its Precision Focus Assist (PFA) system soon will be available on its XA101x8.9BESM HD zoom, HA22X7.3BRD HD EFP lens, and the HA13x4.5BRD-S28K HD wide-angle lens. PFA is a built-in feature that addresses precise focus issues in HDTV production stemming from the format's shallow depth of focus and the lack of size and resolution in camera viewfinders. Small viewfinders on some HD cameras lack high-quality resolution, so operators sometimes may believe they've achieved precise focus when they haven't.

According to Fujinon, this is not an auto-focus system, per se, but a "focus-assist" that adjusts for optimum focus. A selected area of the video image is sampled as the focus point and a camera operator can adjust the point with a roller-ball type controller (similar to a computer mouse) to position the point. The operator then selects manual or automatic focus-assist. In the manual mode, there are three colored LEDs that assist in achieving optimum focus. When the automatic mode is selected, the PFA system takes control. (They'll be set up for demos in NAB Booth #SU6370.)

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