Front Porch Digital to License Telestream FlipFactory

October 15, 2004
Front Porch Digital will soon license Telestream FlipFactory to integrate with DIVArchive.

Front Porch--changing soon to Incentra Solutions--will use the combined tools to provide digital archiving that allows broadcasters to exchange content between video servers, edit systems, SANs--such as Avid Unity--and the DIVArchive system.

"We chose FlipFactory because of the product's broad format support and ease of integration, along with the company's support and reputation in the industry," said Mike Knaisch, president of Front Porch Digital broadcast and media services division.

Telestream/Front Porch Digital integrated technologies are expected to be available by Q4 2005.

The transcoding middleware, BitScream, will still to be available to existing customers and those with special requirements, according to Front Porch Digital, based in Mt. Laurel, N.J.

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