Frezzi Robotic System Captures Hussein Trial

February 16, 2006
Desert Sky Digital, a digital production company hired to cover the Saddam Hussein court trial in Iraq, tapped the Frezzi Energy System robotics division to provide them with a system that integrates 12 broadcast cameras.

"Our engineers, technicians and programmers worked around the clock to delivery the system on-time and in spec," said Jim Crawford, president of Frezzi. "We knew the importance of having a reliable system, which was burned-in and pre-staged here in the factory, and then ultimately installed half way around the world."

Frezzi provided Desert Sky Digital, a division of Constellation Satellite Co., with a system that includes nine robotic cameras, pan-and-tilt heads and three static cameras, three controllers and one CPU rack case. The system is scalable and can be upgraded to control up to 18 robotics heads.

The three controllers are configured to control any of the nine robotic cameras, lenses and camera control functions. Time presets are fully programmable for on-the-fly setup of predetermined shots and timed convergence. Video preview is available on the integrated 7-inch LCD touch panel on the controller.

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