National TeleConsultants: Making Heroes

January 14, 2003
National TeleConsultants (NTC) is the largest independent consulting, engineering, systems design, and integration firm in the U.S., with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Its services range from strategic technology consulting, planning, and budgeting, to the complete design, construction, and integration of a wide range of media facilities. Project sizes range from an edit room to the largest media facilities, such as ESPN’s new Digital Center in Bristol, CT, or DirecTV’s Los Angeles Broadcast Center. NTC has an unparalleled track record of successful completion of a wide range of projects and uses a collegial approach, working closely with clients to facilitate the selection of technologies, systems, and equipment that best suits their operational and financial needs.

For clients building a new facility or substantially renovating an existing one, NTC’s extensive experience with large projects is a key advantage. Its teams have literally thousands of person-years’ worth of experience with large, complex, and often “first-of-a-kind” projects. NTC plans, designs, and builds major media facilities every day. Many chief engineers, general managers, or news directors may only have a single opportunity to design and build a new station, an all-digital electronic newsroom, or news production system. NTC’s experienced team, working closely with the client’s technical, operational, and management personnel, assures a successful outcome.

Another key service NTC provides is facilitation of communication among the client’s various departments. It is not uncommon to discover communications difficulties in most companies. When assisting a client with business and technology planning and consulting, the normal barriers that develop within an organization are often broken down. Successful projects require a single team working toward common results and objectives.

Project management is another important element of systems design and integration success. While thorough planning lays the foundation, attention to the details of project management is key to a truly successful project. In order for integration to occur seamlessly, NTC offers procurement logistics services to assure that materials and labor arrive at the right times. Similarly, during design and construction, NTC works closely with the client, general contractor, and specialist firms to assure coordination of construction details such as cable tray location, HVAC duct work placement, electrical power distribution systems, and rack mounting systems.

As an independent firm, NTC also assists clients in the evaluation of potential suppliers of hardware and software.

A key objective of NTC is to make the client the hero—the owner, at the end of a project, of a new, scalable, technologically sound facility that works exactly as expected from day one, and remains flexible into the future.

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