EVS, DNF Controls Provide Playout for Euro Game Shows

October 15, 2004
EVS Broadcast Equipment has integrated the DNF Control ST450 Shotbox with the EVS AirBox XT production server for clip playout on European game shows.

The server will be used for clip recall of prerecorded moments in live broadcasts of the French National Lottery, Euro Millions and others.

"The ST450 Shotbox provides direct access to the AirBox XT clip database, allowing the operator to hit one key for easy and immediate playout of graphics and animations," said Eric Karcher, sales manager at EVS France.

The AirBox XT production server stores graphics and animations used to display the amount of money that contestants could win. Because operators only have a few seconds to play out the clip with the monetary amount, the clips are created in advance with the AirBox interface. Prior to the show, the operator assigns clips with monetary values to specific keys on the ST450.

The Shotbox controller provides access to 300 clips or clip combinations with 10 banks of 30 buttons.

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