EBU Okays 3DTV Study Group

February 17, 2010

Following in the footsteps of the SMPTE in North America, and other technical groups, the Technical Committee of the European Broadcasting Union has formally approved the creation of the EBU 3DTV Study Group.

As some set makers make plans to roll out new 3D television sets (with the requisite shutter glasses) later this year, and especially in 2011, the EBU group will be charged with seeking and compiling input on all things regarding 3D from other EBU broadcast members.

Common concerns, requirements and suggestions will be distributed and debated (where necessary) in the months to come--and eventually shared with similar data now being formulated by other European tech groups (notably ITU and DVB) and SMPTE. The four groups now have their own respective 3DTV groups or subgroups, in anticipation of 3D entering television households during the next several years.

The EBU's new study group is expected to meet periodically to discuss its ongoing compilations, perhaps monthly, and plans to hold it first gathering sometime in March, according to Broadband TV News.

Based in Geneva, EBU claims to be the largest broadcast association in the world, with other offices in Beijing, London, Madrid, Moscow and Brussels.

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