Early Analog Shutoff Planned for Hawaii

October 17, 2008

Full power TV broadcasters in Hawaii have requested and received permission to shut off their analog transmitters on Jan. 15, more than a month before the mandated Feb. 17, 2009 transition date. The early shutdown allows broadcasters to remove their analog antennas from the top of Haleakala National Park site prior to start of the Hawaiian petrel breading season in mid February. (The Hawaiian petrel, also known by it's local name, 'ua'u, is an endangered species of bird that nests near the existing analog transmission facilities.) Analog broadcasting will continue on TV translator and LPTV stations in Hawaii.

I expect we will see representatives from the FCC, NAB and other organizations involved with the DTV transition making the trek to Hawaii in December and January to make sure the transition goes smoothly!

For additional information, see www.hawaiigoesdigital.com, the article "DTV transition comes early to Hawaii" by Erika Engle in the Honolulu Star Bulletin, and the blog from Leslie Wilcox, president of PBS Hawaii.

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