DVR Usage to Surge; HD Growth Less Predictable

July 27, 2005
Makers of HD sets and DVRs are looking at a windfall, with DVR penetration projected to come close to equally the recent success of DVD technology, according to a new study by JupiterResearch. Another forecast: Nearly half of all U.S. households will have a DVR by 2010 (many apparently to be included within DTV set-top boxes).

But although HD sales of mostly tuner-less monitors is expected to increase annually for the next several years, the researcher finds many support-parties are still dubious about HD's long-term success and revenue-generating potential. That's one reason, JupiterResearch points out, why there are only about 26 hours of HD programming daily across the seven broadcast networks--nearly all of them limited to prime time.

According to published reports, JupiterResearch finds that despite putting on a good front in support of HD overall, many industry execs still are trying to weigh the relatively high costs of HD infrastructure, production and distribution against its potential financial benefits.

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