Dielectric Equips Empire State Building Stations with Antenna System

January 18, 2005
Dielectric has completed installation of a custom antenna system for WNBC and WNYW analog channels 4 and 5. The main antenna system is mounted on the Empire State Building's spire and the backup antenna is on the mooring mast. The mooring mast was originally designed to allow dirigibles to dock to the building and discharge passengers, but since the building was completed in 1931 it has never been used for that purpose.

According to the Dielectric press release, there are many challenges to broadcasting from the Empire State Building, including limitations on physical space and interaction between the many broadcast antennas on the building. "It is because of these complexities that Dielectric was chosen as the main supplier of channel combining, transmission line, and broadcast antenna equipment on the project. said John Capasso, president of Dielectric.

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