China Continues Pushing its Own Next-Gen DVD Format

September 12, 2007
But wait, there’s more in new formats. China, the most populous nation on the planet with about 1.3 billion people, has taken another step toward creating its own version of the current HD DVD format, dubbed CH-DVD. In the end, that may be good news for the HD DVD camp in the rest of the world, and not so good for Blu-ray backers.

China has attempted, often with little success, to create or establish its own formats (or versions of established technical formats) from time to time. So exactly how successful this latest gambit may be is still anyone’s guess, according to Ars Technica.

The slight alteration in the HD DVD format would still use blue-laser technology and could provide a boost to the regular HD DVD format if China can manufacture regular HD DVD discs along with its own CH-DVDs. The format would remain proprietary as the intellectual property of China and be used only inside the Communist country,

Such a potentially cost-effective production arrangement for the HD DVD makers could prove troublesome for Blu-ray, whose format is more costly to initially set up for assembly line production and to manufacture—although the possibility of China also mass-producing Blu-ray packaged content is hardly out of the question.

China, if successful, plans to launch CH-DVD inside the country sometime in 2008.

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