Chile Delays Decision on DTV Standard

December 28, 2007
Chile has “indefinitely postponed a decision on selecting a terrestrial DTV standard,” according to a report in El Mercurio online.

Socialist Party Deputy Marco Enríquez-Ominami blames the head of the Transport and Telecommunications Ministry, René Cortázar Sanz, for the delay. Enríquez-Ominami told the paper, “[Cortázar] has explained to me that the agreements that were reached have not been fulfilled and that a decision has been made to indefinitely postpone the decision.”

Enríquez-Ominami said it was unacceptable to postpone this decision three times.

Additional information on Chile’s process for picking a DTV standard is available on the DVB Worldwide — Chile Web page. The ATSC Forum Web site indicates broadcasters in Chile have recommended the ATSC standard.

Brazil developed its own DTV standard based on the Japanese ISDB-T standard. Uruguay has selected the DVB-T standard, while Mexico and Honduras picked the U.S. ATSC standard. However, like Chile, most countries in Central and South America have yet to select a final terrestrial DTV standard. DVB’s master spreadsheet of DVB deployment data on its Web site was last updated on Dec. 13, 2007.

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