Chicago Production Company Relies on Plura Monitoring

May 28, 2009

Trio Video, a Chicago-based mobile television production company is now using the Plura PMB-010X seven-inch LCD monitor for remote work.

According to Carl Roszczybiuk, director or engineering at Trio, more and more applications call for a small lightweight, but high quality video monitor.

"Quite a bit of infrastructure has moved out to the real environment for these events," Roszczybiuk said. "What I needed was a compact but reliable monitor in the field."

The Plura unit met Trio’s requirements, as it displays both analog and digital video—both SD and HD--and also includes capability for monitoring embedded audio.

The unit uses 10-bit video processing and can provide waveform and vector presentations in addition to picture displays. It does closed captioning decoding and can display timecode too.


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