Broadcasters Tap RTS Intercom for Election Coverage

December 31, 2008
Broadcasters stayed connected with RTS Digital Matrix Intercom during this year's U.S. presidential race, in which 126 million Americans turned out to vote.

RTS said one national broadcaster set up a duplicate of their news system, and had dozens of KP-32 keypanels throughout each location including the studio, main campus, and two HD production trucks in Times Square. In addition, remote stations in Connecticut, Washington, D.C., and London were also tied in. This was accomplished using RTS ADAM matrix frames with the new AIO-16 16-port analog I/O cards. The frames were hooked together with RTS Intelligent Trunking technology that included trunkmaster frames and RTS control software for PC workstations.

RTS Intelligent Trunking is a private version of the long distance telephone system, allowing users of two or more (up to 31) separate matrices to communicate with one another instantaneously and seamlessly with all the same presets, scroll lists, and tallies available on local matrices.

RTS also had support technicians, including Scott and Michael Gilman and Chuck Roberts, on hand to ensure a smooth broadcast.

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