Blu-ray's Share Hovers in Low Teens for Disc Sales

February 3, 2010

When it comes to monitoring the growth in Blu-ray sales of discs compared to plain old standard DVD, it's perhaps more noteworthy what isn't happening than what is.

Despite the jump in the sale of Blu-ray players and 1080p-capable TV sets in recent months, sales of Blu-ray movie/TV titles continue to hover in the low- to mid-teens as a percentage of the overall video-disc sales pie, compared with standard DVD.

This, despite the fact that, relatively speaking, Blu-ray sales are way up over a year ago, while standard DVD continues its downward trend.

For the week of Jan. 18-24, Blu-ray titles comprised about 13 percent of all video-disc sales, posting just under $20 million in revenue. Still, that's up more than 24 percent over the same week a year ago, according to Home Media Research.

Standard DVD title sales were $132 million (the remaining 87 percent of the pie), although that figure was down more than 10 percent from the same week in January 2009.

Combined sales of both video-disc formats were down about 7 percent over a year ago.

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