Art Group Hacks CT2

June 20, 2007
Viewers of the second channel of Czech public-service broadcaster Ceská Televize (CT) had a surprise on Sunday morning, 17 June. Viewers of the CT2 programme "Panorama" watched what appeared to be a mushroom cloud in the Krkonoše mountains of eastern Bohemia.

"Panorama" broadcasts idyllic scenes of the Czech countryside with on-screen graphics providing weather forecasts. But the art-protest group Ztohoven managed to hack into the station feed to add a simulated nuclear detonation to the scene. The video feeds come from remote cameras and change locations about every minute.

According to a report in the Prague Daily Monitor, the group used the Internet to hack into the server of the company that provides the Krkonoše video feed to "Panorama."

According to the Ztohoven MySpace page, the hack was designed to make viewers question the reality of what is presented by media companies and to encourage people to think about what they see and hear.

CT has filed a criminal complaint in the case and police are investigating.

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