FFV, Grass Valley partner to offer REV PRO retrofit for Sony SX camcorder

April 25, 2007

FFV announced at NAB2007 that it would collaborate with Thomson Grass Valley on a retrofit kit for Sony SX cameras to replace the camcorder's existing analog tape elements with the digital recording capabilities of the Grass Valley REV PRO digital media drive.

For tape-based users making the conversion to a file-based infrastructure, REV PRO-SX provides a solution and extends the operational life of the camera. With the retrofit kit, analog users will gain all the benefits of digital recording.

The retrofit kit's built-in REV PRO drive replaces the existing tape elements of the analog camera and converts the signal directly from the sensor. The device also scales images to HD, allowing users to continue using their analog cameras with the added benefit of HD recording.

The retrofit kit will begin shipping to authorized service centers in Q3 of this year.

For more information, visit www.ffv.com.

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