Zaxcom Introduces New Transmitters at NAB

February 23, 2007
Zaxcom Inc., a Pompton Plains, N.J. manufacturer of professional audio equipment for the television and film industries, will introduce a new IFB800 transmitter and TRX700 recording transmitter at NAB2007.

The Zaxcom IFB800 transmits time code, IFB audio, and remote control commands to the Zaxcom TRX/ZFR product lines already in use by television broadcasters, sound crews and other audio professionals. The patent-pending IFB800 transmits time code to synchronize the internal recording of a wireless TRX/ZFR unit to match the camera or other recording device. The IFB800 also can be used as a remote control.

The new TRX700, a “plug-on transmitter/recorder” designed for use with the shotgun-type microphones commonly used in boom pole or ENG applications. The TRX700 provides a patent-pending feature set, including a removable miniSD card that will record up to 12 hours of time code-referenced audio.

Zaxcom also will showcase the new STA100 stereo adaptor for Zaxcom’s ZFR100 and TRX900/900AA, as well as the ZFR800 handheld wireless recorder and TRX800 handheld wireless microphone. The STA100 was first announced at IBC2006, and is now shipping.

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