VidOvation - HDSDIHDMI-1X1

March 21, 2011

Convert 1.5G and 3G HD-SDI to HDMI to display broadcast video formats on a professional or consumer monitor with HDMI inputs.  There are very limited and expensive choices in the area of broadcast video displays and monitors.  Users are looking to professional and consumer displays as alternatives for broadcast video formats.  The VidOvation HDSDIHDMI-1X1 permits users to display 1.5 G and 3G HD SDI signals on professional and consumer monitors with HDMI inputs.  This can introduce a significant savings in cost.  A broadcast video display may cost several thousands of dollars while a consumer display costs a few hundred dollars.

Now users can display 3G HD SDI on a limited budget.  The device supports an 3G HD-SDI input with an output of 1.3C HDMI.  The system supports video resolutions of 1080p.


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