Working With Fixed Monitor Levels

September 20,2017 —ATSC Recommended Practice (RP) A/85 is usually thought of as a loudness standardization document full of guidelines we must follow to ensure...More

The Effects of New Formats on Loudness

The face of television audio has developed some interesting new wrinkles since we last looked at loudness—namely, immersive audio, objectbased audio and audio for personal devices.

It’s Time for Audio Over IP

Audio over IP (AoIP) continues to gain traction with TV broadcast and production facilities for many good reasons.

Audio Education at the 2017 NAB Show

Every April, thousands of us make a pilgrimage to the desert to learn from gurus who pass along insight and direction, give us glimpses into the future, and help us make sense of it all.

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360 Video Requires 360 Storage

September 29,2017 —The growing medium of virtual reality requires a rethink of how to view storage. VFX houses are paving the way, says Dave Frederick, senior ...More

Lighting for Freeform Shooting

I stopped doing documentary production when I moved to Los Angeles and had since been doing narrative and commercial, so when I was suddenly presented with a documentary series where I was not allowed...

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Unanticipated Interference After Repack

September 19,2017 —In my April column (“Auction Over, Now Let’s Assess the Damage”), I wrote about the damage in terms of unanticipated (by the FCC) interferen...More

Repack Deadline Passes—More Work Ahead

The FCC’s July 12 deadline for stations to file Schedule A, the engineering application for their post-repack facility, and Schedule 399, the request for reimbursement for that facility and other asso...

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Trends in Storage Resource Management

September 15,2017 —No organization or individual is immune to the problems of limited storage capacity.