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Swiss broadcaster tpc streamlines OB camera operations

July 25, 2006

Swiss broadcaster tv production center Zürich (tpc), a comprehensive media production facility, has equipped its HD-1 outside broadcast truck with 10 sets of Telecast Fiber Systems SHED (SMPTE hybrid elimination devices) and HDX adapters for its Sony HDC1500 cameras.

The SHED-HDX units replace the bulky SMPTE hybrid fiber/wire cables. The cameras are designed to accept lightweight, standard single-mode fiber, allowing up to 10 times the range of hybrid cable with only 10 percent of the weight. Telecast dealer WIRA Optics integrated the systems.

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Telecast's SHED solution consists of two small adapters — one at the camera and another at the base station — that convert camera signals from hybrid wire/fiber cables to standard all-fiber cables and back again. These adapters allow the camera and base station to communicate on two ordinary single-mode fibers while maintaining a pure optical path.

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