Schneider offers Quarter Wave Retarders for 3-D camera rigs

August 1, 2011

Schneider Optics is now offering Round and Window Size Quarter Wave Retarders for 3-D beamsplitter rigs to prevent left/right disparity in images that contain glare. 3-D camera rigs that employ a mirror or “beamsplitter” can be susceptible to partial polarization because of the silvered surface used by the reflected image. This generally produces a left/right disparity in images that contain glare.

Schneider said that its new Quarter Wave Retarders ensure that both optical paths have identical properties, thus correcting the linear polarization. These filters have virtually no light loss and can be used in different configurations to correct polarization mismatches. The filters are made of water white optical-quality glass with a thin film laminated within. Each filter is polished to produce a high-quality optical flat that can be used without any reduction in resolution. They are available in custom and stock sizes.

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