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Poll finds little understanding of HD among shoppers and owners

October 2, 2007

Forty-one percent of HDTV owners say they understand little to nothing about HDTV, according to a new consumer poll.

The findings, released Sept. 25 as part of the “HD Done Right” survey conducted for retailer Best Buy by GfK Roper Public Affairs and Media Omnibus Services, highlight the pervasiveness of confusion among consumers about HDTV.

The survey, based on 1012 telephone interviews conducted Aug. 3-5, found a range of misperceptions about HDTV. Among the findings:

  • 32 percent say they have no understanding of HDTV
  • 56 percent say they have a moderate understanding
  • 11 percent of general consumers say they have a complete understanding
  • 19 percent of HDTV owners say they completely understand HDTV

The survey found that consumers are confused about what is required to get an HD experience in the home and how much it costs. The survey revealed a general misunderstanding about video and audio components, programming sources and how to assemble a system in the home. The phone interviews also revealed:

  • 39 percent didn’t identify an HD-ready TV as necessary for the HD experience
  • 52 percent said they would spend 75 percent to 100 percent of their home theater budget on the TV
  • 44 percent didn’t know they needed access to HD programming or an HD antenna to get HDTV
  • 52 percent were unaware of the need for HD cables to enjoy the complete experience
  • 62 percent didn’t know about the need for an HD sound system to enjoy the complete experience

With the release of the survey results, Best Buy announced that it would offer HD educational resources for consumers online, via phone and in stores.

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