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HDTV scrambles standards of beauty

July 1, 2010

The “New York Times” ran a story last week about how HDTV is scrambling the standards of beauty. The newspaper suggested that “maybe human skin wasn’t meant to be digitized. Maybe, to ensure that people keep being attracted to one another, we should refrain from representing our complexions in the points, dots and samples that make up a high-definition image.”

The newspaper continued that it “is interesting that older touchstones for beauty — bone structure, say, or arrangement of features — don’t often come up in discussions of HD-era beauty. High-def assets, apparently, are not lineaments so much as coloring, tone and texture.

“Well-modeled beauties of earlier eras (Katharine Hepburn, Faye Dunaway, Harry Belafonte) might never have received credit for their high cheekbones and regal noses had they regularly appeared in high definition; the technology might have turned them into nothing but creases, rashes, broken capillaries, frizziness and cover-up makeup.”

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