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HD plays important role in Super Bowl enjoyment, says survey

January 19, 2005

At last year’s Super Bowl, CBS used its EyeVision system, which relies on multiple cameras positioned at equidistant intervals in a 140 degree arc around the stadium, to create a dynamic perspective on Super Bowl action in HD reminiscent of the Neo bullet-dodging sequence in “The Matrix.” Photo courtesy Monty Brinton/CBS.

Any doubt about the importance of high-definition television to men has evaporated with a recent poll from ICR/International Communications Research finding that watching the Super Bowl in HDTV is nearly as important as the food that will be consumed during the game.

The survey, conducted for Comcast Cable, found that 34 percent of male respondents selected watching the Super Bowl in high definition as being most important. Only food exceeded HD for men as the most important element of enjoying this year’s game with 37 percent.

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When asked which type of play they would most like to see in HD, respondents ranked:

By type of play:

  • A touchdown pass – 26 percent
  • An interception return – 19 percent
  • A quarterback sack – 12 percent

What fans most looked forward to watching in HD:

  • The game – 33 percent
  • The halftime show - 25 percent
  • Instant replays – 17 percent

What men most looked forward to watching in HD:

  • The game – 38 percent
  • Cheerleaders – 21 percent

What women most looked forward to watching in HD:

  • The half time show – 37 percent
  • The game - 28 percent

Respondents also selected players they would most like to watch in HD, with quarterbacks garnering the most votes including Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning with 20 percent of the vote, followed by Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick, Pittsburgh Steelers’ QB Ben Roethlisberger, New England Patriots’ QB Tom Brady and Philadelphia Eagles’ QB Donovan McNabb.

The survey also asked which football movie respondents would most like to watch in HD. Twenty-nine percent of respondents selected “Remember the Titans.” For men, “On Any Given Sunday” earned 20 percent, and for women “Jerry McGuire” earned 18 percent.

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