ATG Broadcast, Digistar complete HD-ready broadcast center for Astro All Asia Networks

September 10, 2008

ATG Broadcast has completed a comprehensive rebuild of the Astro All Asia Broadcast Center (AABC) for Astro All Asia Networks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A new suite of operational areas has been constructed, and the station architecture has been re-engineered to provide resilience and easier future expansion capabilities. The entire project took place while the station was on-air, transmitting 100 direct-to-home channels to subscribers in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The newly installed facilities at Astro's Kuala Lumpur premises comprise: satellite downlinking and incoming lines area; tape ingest, compliance editing and versioning area; multichannel transmission area; reactive transmission suites and voiceover booths; and master control room.

The new system architecture is built around GVG Trinix routers under Omnibus control and is HD-ready. Additional transmission channels can easily be added with no disruption to on-air services. The first expansion phase was completed in time to provide Astro with additional resources for the Beijing Olympics.

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