November 2015
In this issue:
- Incentive Auction Aims for March 29
- New Standard for Studio Video Over IP Approved
- Integrated Channel Playout Speeds Shift to IP
- ENG Vehicles: Faster, Better, Cheaper?
- The Art of Audio Mixing for Sports
- Latest Pro Cameras Stake Out HD, 4K Territory
- Moving Up to Cinema Series Lenses
- NEP Refines How We See It Live
- Fox Sports Enhances RSN Coverage With 4K 38Flex
- Behind the A/V Revolution at Sports Stadiums
- To 4K or Not to 4K? (We Know the Answer)
- IEEE BTS Focuses on Technology, Regs
- Directions for Media Over IP
- Get Ready for Next-Gen Audio
- Illuminating Workout - Lighting An Exercise Video Series
- Achieving the new Technology of Shingled Magnetic Recording
- User Reports - Video Monitors
- Reference Guide - Multiviewers
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