Nov 24, 2014 1/1/1900 9:04:00 AM

Millimeter Wavelength Radios, Advanced Laser Technology Provide Gigabit/second Links

AOptix technology combines a millimeter wave radio and infrared laser.
Doug Lung
Nov 24, 2014 1/1/1900 8:45:00 AM

ZTE and China Mobile Test World's First 'Pre-5G' Massive MIMO Base Station

Technology helps telecom operators maximize use of existing sites and spectrum resources.
Nov 24, 2014 1/1/1900 8:42:00 AM

A Portable Atomic Clock the Size of a Rubik's Cube

Atomic clocks can provide extreme accuracy, but they are huge.
Nov 20, 2014 1/1/1900 10:00:00 AM

Auction-Displaced LPTV Costs Could Reach $1 Billion

For those of us in the low-power television sector, the FCC’s upcoming Spectrum Incentive Auction has become either a potential fortune-maker, or business-killer.
Nov 14, 2014 1/1/1900 8:18:00 AM

McAdams On: Caveat Auctor

This is directed to anyone thinking about selling their TV spectrum based on the $45 billion in auction proceeds projected by the FCC.
Nov 10, 2014 1/1/1900 3:11:00 PM

HBO, CBS Raise OTT Profile

The announcement last month from HBO that it plans to launch an à la carte streaming video service “sometime” in 2015—followed a day later by CBS’s launch of its “CBS All Access” OTT service—illustrate the speed with which media companies are addressing the integration of online video delivery with traditional linear programming.
Nov 25, 2014 1/1/1900 1:30:00 PM

CBS to Display Social Media Posts During Macy's Day Parade

CBS is bringing real-time Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts to TV sets across the U.S on Thanksgiving during the Macy’s Day Parade.
Nov 20, 2014 1/1/1900 4:41:00 PM

Dejero Releases Live+ NewsBook Software for Mac

The NewsBook software bonds multiple cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite connections to create an aggregated data path for the transmission of high-quality, low-latency video.
Nov 20, 2014 1/1/1900 4:29:00 PM

Video Clarity RTM, ClearView Now Include Dolby Digital Audio Decoding

Video Clarity announced that its RTM real-time audio and video monitoring solution and ClearView line of video quality analyzers now provide built-in decoding of Dolby Digital audio in SDI or IP video streams and files.
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