11.03.2011 12:00 PM
Nov. 9 Nationwide EAS Test Shortened to 30 Seconds
EASHandbooki WASHINGTON: The Federal Emergency Management Agency today notified participants in the upcoming nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System that it will run just 30 seconds rather than two-and-a-half minutes as originally planned.

The test, scheduled for Nov. 9 at 2 p.m. Eastern, will be the first official test of a Presidential Emergency Action Notification. All broadcast radio and TV stations must take part in the tests along with participating cable and satellite operators. The national alert system relies on a daisy-chain architecture whereby the EAN is transmitted to designated radio stations that are monitored by State Primaries, which in turn retransmit the alert to Local Primaries that notify all other broadcast and cable participants. The United States is divided into 550 local EAS areas, each with at least two Local Primaries monitoring two sources for presidential alerts. A single failure within the system can leave hundreds of participants out of the loop.

A limited-area test of the system was conducted in 2010 across Alaska, revealing several equipment and communications failures. The Nov. 9 test was originally scheduled after a deadline for the implementation of the new Common Alerting Protocol, or CAP, an XML-based data exchange format allowing alerts to be broadcast simultaneously over multiple types of systems, eliminating the daisy chain. Broadcasters were supposed to be CAP-compliant in September, but due to the timing of equipment coming to market among other factors, the deadline was moved to next June.

The absence of CAP in the nationwide Nov. 9 test caused concern for the cable industry because many systems won’t be able to run a text crawl identifying the alert as a test. National Cable and Telecommunications Association chief Michael Powell wrote to FEMA administrator Craig Fugate in mid-October asking for a postponement of the test so as not to incite panic among deaf and hard-of-hearing cable subscribers.

FEMA confirmed the shortening of the Nov. 9 test, but did not say specifically if the agency did so to reduce the chance of an unintended reenactment of “War of the Worlds.” The change was said to be made at the direction of Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.

~ Deborah D. McAdams

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Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 11:28 AM Report Comment
The whole "War of the Worlds" thing is largely an urban legend. The rumor of large numbers of people freaking out just grew with time (part of a mentality that we are, by default, much more intelligent and more capable of reasoning than those from the past, which is very debatable if you've watched whats on TV lately) As for the article, at what point do we get to see the awesome parades led by our brave SS/SA- er I mean the ATF, TSA and DEA? Might as well get some of the cool stuff that comes witha police state instead of just the programming interuptions.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 12:38 PM Report Comment
Big Sis is out of control like a rabid dog who lies to the American people about countless points such as knowledge on Fast and Furious, she really thinks your too stupid to check out the facts for yourself and see past her deception. She makes me sick, and the true patriots are standing up to her and her cronies. The only way we will see real change and get these criminals out of our government is to riot in the streets, it's only a matter of time. The difference between us and other countries who have seen a police state in history is that we have guns and know how to use them! The founding fathers are rolling in their graves, and we need to take back what so many people sacrificed their LIVES for throughout history. Never trade liberty for so-called security! Never believe what this government tells you about their false-flag attacks in order to clamp down on your constitutional rights! 9-11 was an inside job!
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 09:33 AM Report Comment
Beeeeep. Beeeeep. Beeeeep. Bip. Bip. Bip. This is a test of the "President's Marshall Law Declaration System". Follow the orders on your screens or radios. Failure to do so will result in incarceration. Beeeeep. Beeeeep. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...................................................
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 12:57 PM Report Comment
It was DHS that sent our Fire Dept. the dire facts that this "three to four minute long test" would occour without "This is a test". They warned US of the panic it might cause. We forwarded the email to the Public, now the Govt. pretends the public might misunderstand the test?? YOU STARTED THE PANIC!! Fools hand picked by Obama and his cronies. May they all go to that Socialist Utopia in the Sky!! I would not lift a finger to help them again...
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 01:16 PM Report Comment
Just wait until these tests include all cell and satelite phone communications as well. The whole point is to see how effective the government can be in shutting down communications between citizens if real unrest rears it's head. Think Egypt last spring.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 01:23 PM Report Comment
Come on people, calm down. There's no evil conspiracy here, just gross incompetence. The proof is right in the article: "A single failure within the system can leave hundreds of participants out of the loop." Real engineers design backups and have safety margins. They think through what could go wrong....
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 01:54 PM Report Comment
I think this is a good thing. I'm surprised that we don't do it every six months. The only thing is that I have never heard of this before. Do they see a disaster coming that we don't know about? Possibly, who really knows. All in all, I approve.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Wed, 11-09-2011 02:36 PM Report Comment
If they shortened it there was a good reason like equipment not functioning correctly. To me it was an enormous failure. I monitored a local TV Station (KOLO-TV in RENO, NV), a radio station in YERINGTON, NV and an Internet Radio station form NY, NY (WXRK). The TV Station had no test screen until about 4 minutes past the test time and then it was for a very short period but I guess now it should have been only 30 seconds (But it was very late). The Radio Station in Yerington, NV had only some tones then nothing and went back to music immediately. The Internet Radio Station WXRK from NY had no test whatsoever (Are Internet Radio Stations exempt?)...To me this show a broken system.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Sat, 11-05-2011 10:03 AM Report Comment
Dumbells would approve.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Sun, 11-06-2011 02:50 AM Report Comment
I think we are in serious trouble and there's something on a big scale about to happen ....
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Sun, 11-06-2011 11:41 AM Report Comment
11-11-11 is when the goverment will screw us !!
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Sun, 11-06-2011 12:30 PM Report Comment
how about if you aren't tuned into radio/tv...will the online crowd be in that alert system?
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Mon, 11-07-2011 09:54 AM Report Comment
War of the Worlds is the least of our worries. I'm thinking 1984.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Mon, 11-07-2011 01:34 PM Report Comment
The "War of the Worlds" panic of halloween 1938 was quite real. And we didn't learn much from it. The lesson was lost in time for the infamous WWII "Battle of Los Angeles", fought on the evening of February 25, 1942 Perhaps the only battle in history fought completely without the participation, or even the knowledge, of the enemy.... ;-)
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 11:41 AM Report Comment
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 12:13 PM Report Comment
the government is overthrowing the people of America. Ron Paul can put a stop to this. Ron Paul 2012
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 04:56 PM Report Comment
Think about it! First,what kind of emergency, natural or man made, would require "cutting" all communications with the public? Second, who out there still has any faith or trust in FEMA? Third, What if it is not a test; but the implementation of a new control mechanism? If you look at the big picture, combine all the parts, you'll see another piece in the police state puzzle. My suspicions on this started 10-12 years ago when all radio stations were ordered to have black boxes attached to their systems, allowing the Federal government to take over ALL broadcasting. Think major false flag, with information coming from one less than reliable source. There you have it!
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 07:30 PM Report Comment
From what I understand, this test will not include NOAA Weather Alert Radios. Although, it is being planned to include the NOAA Weather Alert Radios in a future test.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 11:19 AM Report Comment
Before 9-11 all nof the talking heads on TV were saying time and time again, WE ARE GOINGB TO GET HIT> We know that if the talking heads were so sure then, it is only logical that the FBI CIA and all of the other intell arms of the government knew the same thing. These people are about control. Tell me that there were no meetings. Tell me that there were no plans for the fear and control after the event. You can't. One more point. I know nothing about guns or explosives. But, if I got it in my head to do something wrong, it would be easy. I think that the same statement could be made about you. Then, think about our open boarders. Think of how easy it would be to train dozens or hundreds of people and slip them into our country. No one could stop this. Why is it not happening? The reason is simple> They were suprised at the reaction of the US people after 9-11. That is the wild card. If it would happen again, we would demand blood. That is our wild card. All of this control being taken by DC is just that , a power grab. They are grabbing your freedoms for a false fear driven reason. The elections are coming. The choice is yours.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 07:45 AM Report Comment
This should have been running since Obama took office.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 07:47 AM Report Comment
i plan my own test, the Get Out Of Dodge plan which includes fully loaded weapons and family to an undisclosed location. This President would not know an emergency for a missed basketball game unless he created it.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 08:05 AM Report Comment
The very next day after elections in America, the Government is going to seize control of the airwaves? Hello! McFly! Think McFly!
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 08:14 AM Report Comment
The explanation in this article about how the system is going to work is wrong. The system used to work the way they are describing. The new system is going to be the President makes a desicison to make an announcement, "Homeland" flips a switch, all media is taken over by the system. It is not a passive system any more. On 9/11, the most horrific emergency in our countries recent history, we did not need this system. And now it is upgraded to a level that is unnecessary, unexplainable, and kinda spooky.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 08:18 AM Report Comment
Why does it seem so much more "Big Brother" than "Conelrad"?
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 10:01 AM Report Comment
Why is this "woman" in charge of our security and our lives?
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 10:25 AM Report Comment
does anyone even care what these so-called presidents have to say anyway? noone i know cares. in fact, it is as annoying as a wart to even see those traitors let alone hear the lies they feed the american people day after day.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Thu, 11-03-2011 01:54 PM Report Comment
" A single failure within the system can leave hundreds of participants out of the loop. " This is so obviously inadequate. It should be unacceptable gross incompetence.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 10:49 AM Report Comment
Who told this "woman" and this so-called president that we care about anything they say? Real Americans are sick of the two-sided parasite called the gov't. The democrats and the republicans in washington are Quislings. IF any politician represented Americans they would be demanding everyday that treason trails be held. Until then, I will not listen for one second or lift one finger for these occupiers.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 10:50 AM Report Comment
F E A R That's what it is all about. Homland Security and Big Sis keeping the serfs in constant fear so they'll accept ever increasing assaults on their personal freedoms.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 10:52 AM Report Comment
TURN OFF EVERYTHING THAT LETS YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR COUNTRY> Wake up! The federal government has been setting this up for years. Proof, every TV, radio station, cable network, cell phone, the internet, and the large road signs are all hot wired. That means that you can be controlled. If this is where we are on 4 November 11 please tell me where we will be on 4 November 31. Look at your children and say that when they ask you how the take over was done and what you did about it, that you will be proud of your actions. Christ, did we ever ask why the old TV system was taken down?? OK, Why? LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE< >really?? I want to say that we have more voices than they do. Who you elect elect to represent you will make a difference. I feel that the country is lost if no one cares. We will see, won't we??
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 11:07 AM Report Comment
Radio stations are now required to install a system which lets the government take control of the broadcast.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 11:15 AM Report Comment
I'm sure this billion-dollar upgrade is 'for the children', and if one child's life is somehow made a little better, then it's worth it, right?
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 07:52 PM Report Comment
Just think of this as a special Twitter messaging system.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 08:43 PM Report Comment
If I understand correctly (and if the blogs I've been following are correct in the information they carry), the test *DOES* include all cell (which, to my understanding, run off the internet) AND satellite services. SO.....that means *NO COMMUNICATION* for We The People, during their "test". VERY CREEPY, if you ask me. Be alert!
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 12:24 PM Report Comment
The War of the World hysteria is NOT a myth.I did a research paper on it in the 1970s. What happened was gullible people who heard the broadcast told other people who hadn't heard the broadcast that the Martians were invading. True, there may have only been a few hundred to a thousand people caught up in the hysteria, but it echoed for months afterwards with FCC investigations and so forth. Cops did make their way to the studio to find out what was going on.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 12:25 PM Report Comment
Just another attempt by the Muslim in the White House to control free people....
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 12:30 PM Report Comment
I swear I think the gov'ment thinks the entire US populace are imbeciles. When in fact, it is really them who are the imbeciles!
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 12:37 PM Report Comment
False. EAS has always been capable of this it's just the first time it's ever been tested. You conspiracy kooks crack me up.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Thu, 11-03-2011 10:08 PM Report Comment
Double Plus Good!!
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Thu, 11-03-2011 10:12 PM Report Comment
Wanna bet it fails? Half hearted efforts usually do.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Thu, 11-03-2011 11:19 PM Report Comment
The path to tyrannt continues under Obamugabe
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Thu, 11-03-2011 11:45 PM Report Comment
The timing's suspicious you know, I want to say, "Say it ain't so," They don't have to do it, In fact they may rue it, During Wednesday's Rush Limbaugh Show.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 12:10 AM Report Comment
Is this part of dictator Obummer's takeover ploy?
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 12:49 AM Report Comment
what bull. it was bull at 2:30 and it's still bull.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 12:56 AM Report Comment
we had to kill 'em to save 'em sarge
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 01:14 AM Report Comment
Pay attention, you must view this broadcast, where Our Glorious Leader will lay out plans for the future! As if the existing TV and radio networks, in spite of their flaws, aren't sufficient? Creeping fascism, socialist style.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 01:46 AM Report Comment
After reading about this nationwide test, why do I keep looking into the sky expecting to see enormous big yellow somethings? I thought the Vogons had already perfected their communication device and didn't need to test it. However, I've lost my Babel Fish, so wouldn't understand Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz anyway. So long and thanks for all the fish.
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 03:03 AM Report Comment
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 06:46 AM Report Comment
what a joke i have more inportant things to do, like find a job, plead with the bank so they wont take my home and vote this moron out of office
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 06:55 AM Report Comment
Why couldnt they have done it at say...2 am? Big Brother and Sister attempting to show off its power?
Posted by: Deborah McAdams
Fri, 11-04-2011 07:13 AM Report Comment
If all politics is local when is not the emergency system local. A tornado in TX occurs and DC may send FEMA for an assessment days later. There will be no warning from DC about the threat of tornado. Janet and The Boys in the Obama White House have nothing better to do than try to link up the Nation so the next leg of the Obama propaganda mill can grind. Unfortunately for them, some of the DJs will ignore the warning or equipment will fail [remember it is a shovel ready job] and the rest of us will go on living a life.

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