TWC Buys Disaster Recovery System From Scientific-Atlanta

December 15, 2003
Time Warner Cable (TWC) of New York City will license a new disaster recovery system from Scientific-Atlanta’s (SA) SciCare Broadband Services. TWC bought the system to minimize the impact of service interruptions and to upgrade to its cable system while using its backup system to provide continuous programming. The backup recovery system is scheduled to go online in early 2004.

The disaster recovery system is an integrated solution that uses redundant, external servers located in a TWC remote facility instead of co-located in the Manhattan headends. This separation provides greater protection for TWC’s ability to deliver programming and helps assure a rapid, transparent switchover to the backup equipment. The redundant servers will monitor the activities of TWC Manhattan’s primary SA Digital Network Control System (DNCS). As the Manhattan DNCS is updated, the backup system will synchronize its content to match that on the primary DNCS to deliver fast, accurate restoration of service.

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