Riedel Communication Keeps Olympic Events Connected

September 10, 2004
Intercom tech maker Riedel provided 40 locations with communications equipment for the 2004 Summer Games in Greece.

For the Games, 80 Artist-S matrix system were employed, using more than 2,000 digital intercom control panels and 4,000 radio transmitters to keep people connected through 125 miles of fiber and cable. Athens Olympic Broadcasting (AOB) also used more than 800 Riedel radio transmitters.

Additionally, referees and timekeepers used the new noise-free digital beltpack C2s so they could communicate in a party-line style.

"Our new C2s enable our customers to communicate in a manner similar to analog party-line systems, including daisy-chaining and power-supply over cabling," said Thomas Riedel, managing director of Riedel Communications.

The Artist-S matrix system is being showcased at IBC.

Riedel will be in Booth 10.131 at IBC. For more information, visit http://www.ibc.org/.

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