OmniBus iTX Adds Powerful Realtime 3-D Graphics

April 19, 2007
OmniBus Systems announced a realtime 3-D graphics plug-in option for the groundbreaking iTX playout and automation solution. Delivering an unprecedented combination of sophisticated animated 3-D geometry, shading and lighting, and the ability to update and render content in real time, iTX with the new graphics plug in makes it possible for broadcasters to set new graphic standards in news and results-based programming including sports, election coverage, data-fed business statistics, shows featuring SMS-driven audience interaction and more.

Based on technology from award-winning 3-D solutions provider RT Software, the graphics option enables advanced graphics to be created in SD and HD within the iTX application software, with the capability to import geometry, textures and shading data from industry-standard 3-D programs. 3-D graphic objects are lit and shaded in realtime within iTX, allowing complex effects such as refraction of live video.

Once added to the iTX playlist, the 3-D animation template can be fed data in real time to provide live, on-air updates of the 3-D graphics content. Through iTX's API, all parameters are available externally, allowing the automated updating of graphics using information from voting systems, shopping channel databases, market feeds and other similar data sources.

"Broadcasters are looking for ways to deliver more sophisticated graphics within the transmission path, and by adding this 3-D powerful capability directly into iTX, we're greatly simplifying the workflow, eliminating the cost of dedicated graphics installations and increasing ease-of-use," said Ian Fletcher, CTO, OmniBus Systems. "The open architecture of iTX means that partner developers, such as RT Software, can provide these leading-edge features in a convenient plug-in form, with the high-performance output driven, not by expensive and obsolescent proprietary hardware, but by industry-standard NVIDIA graphics boards that provide the best possible cost-performance combination."

iTX is a revolutionary, next-generation software-based production and transmission solution that uses just standard IT hardware and advanced software technology. This powerful, groundbreaking system builds on OmniBus Systems' high-end automation expertise to deliver automation, ingest, editing and content management and acts as a video server, master controller, graphics device and logo inserter.

More information about OmniBus Systems' digital asset management, automation and transmission technology is available online at

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